Eligibility & Registration


All students currently enrolled in an Australian secondary school (or equivalent overseas institution) are eligible to enter the Australian Informatics Olympiad.

There are two divisions in the AIO. The Intermediate division is open to students up to year 10. The Senior division is open to students up to year 12. The divisions are for awarding only, both divisions will sit the same test.


Teachers will need to register their schools and students beforehand. Registration is done through the AMT competiton portal (https://competitions.amt.edu.au/admin/).

After logging into the competition portal, click on "Students". A list of generated usernames will display. The usernames are different for each competition. To select only the usernames for AIO, enter "aio" in the username box.

Usernames view

Underneath this list are three export file icons, one creates a CSV file, one an XLS file and one creates a HTML document We recommend using the HTML version because it is the most user friendly way to distribute student passwords on the day.

Click on the ‘Export HTML’ button to download the sheet (as shown above).

This will download a file with student usernames and logins. Clicking on the download will display a webpage. If you print this webpage (Ctrl+P) it will format as the example below. You can then cut these out and distribute to the students. Please make sure you print these as single sided.

We recommend this version because it gives consistent sizing for usernames and passwords and enables faster cutting out of usernames than the Excel version. It will fit 33 student usernames per A4 Sheet.