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Australian Informatics Olympiad
  • National coding competition
  • Learn real-world skills
  • Practice algorithmic thinking and problem solving
The 2022 AIO has concluded. Congratulations to all participants!

Preliminary results

You can find the preliminary award cutoffs below. These will be finalized in the next few weeks and may be subject to change.



You can submit your solutions to the problems on the training site. Solutions and editorials will be posted in the next few weeks.

What is the AIO?

The AIO is a 3-hour computer programming competition for students in years 7-12.

Students invent algorithms and write code to solve problems.

Example problem: “Travelling Salesperson” (AIO 2009)

In this scenario, there are three different routes between Perth and Sydney.

Each route has a different number of customers who will buy your encyclopedias.

You are planning a round trip from Perth to Sydney to Perth. What is the greatest number of different customers you can reach along the way?

The next AIO is on 25 August, 2022.

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