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Urgent announcement

Feedback not available in this year's AIO

Due to technical difficulties, students will not be able to receive immediate feedback for their submissions in this year's AIO. Students should continue to submit to the website, and if their submissions are at the Compiling... stage, then they have been received. Submissions will not progress past this stage.

All submissions will be judged at the conclusion of the AIO, and the results will be available in a few weeks' time. Their score for each problem will be the best among all their submissions. Students are encouraged to test their code on their own machines, and submit whenever they are ready. Students should submit all source code they have worked on to each problem before their timer expires. If students have difficulty accessing the website (this is the most preferred means of submission), their teacher can attach their source code in an email to

As stated in a previous announcement, all students who began the competition before 11.30am AEST have already been awarded an additional 60 minutes, due to the website being completely unavailable. Students who begin the competition after this time will be awarded an extra 30 minutes.

Since feedback will not be provided in this year's AIO, each submission will be run against various test cases and will receive points for each testcase correctly solved. Thus, it will be possible to score partial marks on each subtask and each subtask will not be marked in a "batch". A student's score for a problem will be the best among all their submissions. The judges reserve the right to vary the marking scheme after the contest.

No additional testdata will be provided, other than the sample data provided in the problem statements. Students are highly encouraged to devise their own testcases and run their code against them on their own computers, to ensure their programs behave as expected.

We apologise for this situation, and please email for any other assistance.

What is the AIO?

The AIO is a 3-hour computer programming competition for students in years 7-12.

Students invent algorithms and write code to solve problems.

Example problem: “Travelling Salesperson” (AIO 2009)

In this scenario, there are three different routes between Perth and Sydney.

Each route has a different number of customers who will buy your encyclopedias.

You are planning a round trip from Perth to Sydney to Perth. What is the greatest number of different customers you can reach along the way?

The next AIO is on 1 September, 2016.

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